presented at FILET 2018



Lover one:


Whether it is for one

Or for all,

A call, for a call,

I came running, and

Entered into this exoskeleton,

Not quite another building, in

The base of our best site

And based in the base of our breasts

Trapped, a labyrinth of decisions,

hold me, hold me, hold me,



Violinist plays first song.








Lost in another voice,

 paid and fuelled,

 by the misplaced,

 from being displaced.


Lover Two


Danced in the fortune of trade

If this you, was you,

Here we two, become

Something for once, something, dancing in the distance

Dancing to our rhythm,

If I insist, You would pursue,

Lately, the resting space,

Has become the quietest moment,

Silence on silence, awaiting the exuberant expulsion

Let it go, let me go, let me go,


  into the


  transformations in the transfiguration of the city

As the body,

This body of mine, a body from our time



Lover One


Backed up in the eyes

My focus wavering on the holes in your walls,

The holes in our pitfalls,

As I fall, you fell,

As we walked, the wind wagered

 a deal

amongst the pylons of dust and darkness

 built in the last age,

  but maintained in this age,

 Quick, quick, quick,

   Descending beyond my voice,

  Can you take this voice?

It is not my voice,





These voices, these voices


Now we,

we, we, floating

Underneath the planets of our solstice,

Blessed in lights

Used only

For the evening peoples


My shoes

Holed, one

Pair to next,

Our ears

Contemplating the hours

the melodies of us

Traffic, laughed



All rights reserved Joshua Leon

© 2018